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K1: Opening Keynote Presentations

Tuesday, November 29: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference


  • Marissa Jarratt, Vice President, Marketing, Global Snacks Group, PepsiCo – A New Age for Internal Communications: Measure, Manage and Influence The Employee Experience
  • Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO, Shareablee – Measuring What Matters in Social Media
  • Jon Marks, Co-founder and CTO, Kaldor – Blood in the Streets – Reporting from the Content Technology Trenches

K2: Opening Keynote Panel – Industry Analysts Discuss Current Trends & the Future

Tuesday, November 29: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference


T1: Tag Team: Hot Topics in Marketing Technology & Strategy

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Tuesday 29 November 
13:30 – 14:30

In this session we have teamed up Gerry Murray and Scott Brinker to cover a few topics that are, or should be (or not!), front of mind for Chief Marketing Technologists and Chief Marketing Officers. Whether you have one of these titles or advise someone who does, you won’t want to miss this session.    

Presented by: Scott Brinker, Gerry Murray

P1: Leveraging New Distribution Channels

Track P: Re-imagining Digital Strategies for Publishing and Media – Tuesday 29 November 
13:30 – 14:30

Large publishers have ceded some content delivery and customer control to platforms (Facebook, Google et al) diluting their own brands; experimenting to see whether the vast reach and targeting of Facebook, for example, would return the numbers to justify loss of control. Smaller publishers have similar calculations to make and are also experimenting. Our first presentation shares an imaginative way to maintain direct access on mobile platforms. Next up, some tactical help for publishers of all sizes on how to get started with platform distribution.

Presented by: Mark Walter

Reimagining Direct Audience Connections

Presented by: Kristen Holgerson, Judy Chan

Disrupting Distribution: Getting Content to Users

Presented by: John Eckman

C1: Take Control of Your Customer Experience

Tuesday, November 29: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

In the opening session of our Customer Experience track we hear from executives from Adobe and Brightspot on what it takes to build and maintain customer experiences. Both companies have digital experience platforms and work with major brands. Join this session to hear how they advise customers on managing a digital experience business.


Melissa Webster, Program VP, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC


  • David Gang, CEO, Perfect Sense – Brands as Publishers: The Importance of Bringing a Newsroom Mentality to Your Business
  • Loni Stark, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe – Anatomy of an Experience Business


DT1: Machine Learning & Content Marketing: Using Data to Turn Stale Content into Marketing Gold

Track DT: Discovery Track – Tuesday 29 November 
13:30 – 14:30

Creating captivating content is hard! It doesnt make sense to spend time and energy on content no one is interested in. With the help of data and machine learning, brands and enterprises can make their content marketing and business communications more effective and engaging. This session will explore how data-driven decisions can help give your content a boost while still preserving the human touch that makes content marketing effective.

Presented by: Paul Blamire

E1: Intranet Success Stories From the Field

Track E: Content, Collaboration, and Digital Workplace Experience – Tuesday 29 November 
13:30 – 14:30

This session focuses on two great case studies providing examples and inspiration for those in the process of reworking their own intranets. The speakers will share hands on examples of mobile friendly user experiences as well as how gamification and the right design contributes to driving adoption and changing behaviors.

Presented by: Sara Redin

Experience Matters – Engaging Users through Great Experience

Presented by: Camille Wellard

Build It and They Will Come – Creating Your Dream Intranet

Presented by: David King

E2: Trends in Digital Workplace Collaboration Tools, and Techniques

Track E: Content, Collaboration, and Digital Workplace Experience – Tuesday 29 November 
14:40 – 15:50

The tools available to enhance the digital workplace are developing rapidly which is also changing the scope of the intranet concept in most organizations. The employee experiences can benefit greatly both from the new opportunities in the 0ffice 365 stack and also non Microsoft products. In this session the speakers will explore predominant current trends and together we will explore what this means for those who are looking to invest in their platforms or make better use of the tools they already have. 

Presented by: Sara Redin

How Consumer Cloud Conquered Corporate Control of Communication and Collaboration

Presented by: Peter OKelly

O365 Tools to Support the Digital Workplace

Presented by: Jeff Fried