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K1: Opening Keynote Presentations

Tuesday, November 29: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference


  • Marissa Jarratt, Vice President, Marketing, Global Snacks Group, PepsiCo – A New Age for Internal Communications: Measure, Manage and Influence The Employee Experience
  • Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO, Shareablee – Measuring What Matters in Social Media
  • Jon Marks, Co-founder and CTO, Kaldor – Blood in the Streets – Reporting from the Content Technology Trenches

K2: Opening Keynote Panel – Industry Analysts Discuss Current Trends & the Future

Tuesday, November 29: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, Founder, Bluebill Advisors, Gilbane Conference


DT1: Machine Learning & Content Marketing: Using Data to Turn Stale Content into Marketing Gold

Track DT: Discovery Track – Tuesday 29 November 
13:30 – 14:30

Creating captivating content is hard! It doesnt make sense to spend time and energy on content no one is interested in. With the help of data and machine learning, brands and enterprises can make their content marketing and business communications more effective and engaging. This session will explore how data-driven decisions can help give your content a boost while still preserving the human touch that makes content marketing effective.

Presented by: Paul Blamire

DT2: How to Create a Smart Virtual Workspace for Your Team

Track DT: Discovery Track – Tuesday 29 November 
14:40 – 15:50

A Gallup study of 1.4 million employees found that companies with high levels of engagement are twice as successful – with 22% higher productivity, 65% lower turnover, and 41% fewer defects. How do team leads ensure ongoing employee engagement as their companies grow and change? This fast-moving presentation will share real life examples of smart branded intranets used by F500 and high-growth Silicon Valley companies that continue to engage their employees by reducing information overload and removing cultural barriers. Attendees will learn about a methodology for designing and managing a corporate intranet deployment; how to pick software tools that fit their organization; setting up an information architecture to reduce content sprawl;and tips to speed on-boarding, boost engagement, and bring the benefits of social into their organization.

Presented by: Darryl Duke

DT3: The Pros & Cons of Programmatic in the Face of Ad Fraud

Track DT: Discovery Track – Tuesday 29 November 
16:00 – 17:00

It is estimated that the programmatic display advertising marketplace in the U.S. will total $22 billion this year. These kinds of media buys will account for more than two thirds of the entire U.S. display marketplace. The popularity of programmatic makes it all the more important for marketers to understand what the technology can and cannot do–especially in an online marketplace plagued with ad fraud. This session will clarify the misconceptions and mysteries that surround programmatic, and tell you how it can work as part of your marketing strategy.

Presented by: Tim Bourgeois

DT4: Enterprises Struggle with Web Translations – Is There a Way Out?

Track DT: Discovery Track – Wednesday 30 November 
08:30 – 09:30

A recent Forrester report shows that 92% percent of companies face challenges as they translate web content into different languages. Lack of integration between CMS and translation services or systems leads to manual processes; fragmented content repositories stymie process standardization and organizational silos lead to a hodgepodge of local solutions. During this session we’ll discuss the findings of the report, discuss the proposed way out of this chaos and want to engage with you to get your feedback and hear about your own experiences. Join us for a lively discussion!

Presented by: Alberto Andrade

DT5: EContent Explores the Future of Digital Experience

Track DT: Discovery Track – Wednesday 30 November 
09:40 – 10:40

Predicting the future of the digital experience is virtually impossible. It’s always changing in new, exciting, and sometimes confusing ways. From ad fraud to globalization, from multichannel to mobile-first, this panel of EContent magazine contributors and vendors will discuss the issues that are impacting the digital content industry. Join us for a lively panel discussion, and bring your questions!

Presented by: Theresa Cramer, Tim Bourgeois, Bruno Herrmann