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K1: Build Customer Conversations (NOT Impressions): A Keurig Green Mountain Digital Success Story

Opening Keynotes – Tuesday 28 November 
08:30 – 09:00

If you could live with your customer for a day, what would you learn – what would they learn? What about for two days? A week? Every day of the year? This isn’t a hypothetical scenario for Rachael Schwartz at Keurig Green Mountain. As the company’s VP of Product Management and GM for Keurig’s IoT undertaking Rachael oversees the company’s consumer beta testing of connected coffee makers, yielding over 5 million brews and counting. And what has her team learned? That most of us are looking at smart devices wrong. It’s not about the latest trick of technology – it’s about a two-way conversation that creates a dynamic loop between a company and its customers. Companies focus on data-collection alone when they should focus how that data can continually make the user’s experience that much better and stickier. By sharing beta test data and communications test results, Rachael will demonstrate how companies can deepen relationships with consumers and change habitual behaviors when day-to-day, connected interactions in the home meet dynamic marketing.

Presented by: Frank Gilbane, Rachael Schwartz

K2: Let’s Get Emotional: Creating Deeper Customer Connections with Emotion AI

Opening Keynotes – Tuesday 28 November 
09:00 – 09:30

We live in a world full of advanced technology with massive cognitive capabilities. Our interactions with these systems are becoming more relational and conversational, but something is missing: they lack social and emotional skills, making for superficial and ineffective connections. This impacts how humans interact with technology, how we communicate with each other in digital contexts, even how businesses interact with their consumers.  Artificial Emotional Intelligence or Emotion AI bridges this gap. In this talk we will explore how Emotion AI works, where it’s being used today and where we see it going in the future.

Presented by: Frank Gilbane, Gabi Zijderveld

K3: Diamond Sponsor Keynote – Adaptive Content Strategy: How to increase your ROC (Return on Content)

Opening Keynotes – Tuesday 28 November 
09:30 – 09:45

With a dramatic decline in attention spans, the only way to get your message across to your customers is to tailor it to their context and persona. Adaptive content strategy enables you to deliver contextually appropriate messages for different audiences with less content. In this talk, we will explore how structured content can enable an adaptive content strategy for your organization and the benefits you can accrue from it.

Presented by: Juhee Garg

T1: Multi-channel Content Architectures for B2B and B2C

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Tuesday 28 November 
10:30 – 11:30

COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) has been a goal of organizations since the dawn of digital content delivery. It has never been easy to achieve, even in cases where there were only two delivery channels. With today’s need to keep up with the constant growth, and changes in relative importance, of different channels, the return on effort can be greater than ever. This session includes current examples both B2B and B2C organizations can learn from.

Presented by: Steve Ball

COPE Publishing at the LDS Church

Presented by: Todd Anderson, Scott Welty

Content Transformation: Building a Digital Experience that Supports your Customers Journey

Presented by: Noel McDonagh, Gal Oron

T2: Web & Mobile Development Strategy Update

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Tuesday 28 November 
11:45 – 12:45

Little is written these days about dramatic either/or decisions around native app versus mobile web app development, and with good reason. There was never a good argument that one would always be the right choice, and the difference in capabilities has narrowed considerably. But there are still many decisions to make about which components of each to use when. This session provides up-to-date information, use cases, and comparisons of web standards. You don’t need to be a developer to learn from this session – any marketers or managers involved in web projects or strategies will benefit.

Presented by: Bill Trippe

Design Pattern Libraries and CMS go together like peas and carrots

Presented by: Robb Winkle

Have Web Standards on Mobile Caught Up to Phonegap in 2017?

Presented by: Raymond Camden

T3: AR, VR, AI, and Cognitive Computing for Marketing and Content Applications

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Tuesday 28 November 
14:00 – 15:00

There is no doubt that all of these technologies will have a huge effect on digital experiences across all industries going forward. But their emergence is recent enough that understanding how they each differ and how the terms are actually used, what they can do today, where they fit in various stacks, how soon they will be a competitive necessity in your market, and how one or more of them might provide you with a disruptive advantage is vital. In any case, you need to be thinking about them now.

Presented by: Jill Finger Gibson

Trends and Directions in Cognitive Computing and Marketing

Presented by: Jay Henderson

Redefining Experience using Immersive Technologies

Presented by: Tulika Garg

T4: Software Selection: Conversational Apps, MarTech Suites, Content Marketing

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Tuesday 28 November 
15:30 – 17:00

It is just sooo easy to go wrong when choosing new technology – risk management of the scariest kind for both business and technical decision makers. Each of our three experts in this session focus on unique considerations for a different segment of solutions. They’ll help you reduce your risk and stress level.

Presented by: Bill Trippe

Want to build Conversational or Invisible Apps? Listen to Arthur Ashe before you buy any new software or services

Presented by: Tiesha Miller

Battle of the Giants: Evaluating the Major MarTech Suites

Presented by: Tony Byrne

Choose the Right Content Marketing System

Presented by: Samantha Stone