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K4: Disruption – Is enough really enough?

Opening Keynotes – Wednesday 29 November
08:45 – 09:15

Many companies, including media and publishing companies are embarking on transformation initiatives. But are these really transformational? Are they really disrupting an industry? Are these companies and teams planning for their own possible demise? In this keynote session, Subrata will go over some experiences of how companies are wasting millions in doing last decade’s transformation and developing cold feet when it comes to thinking out of the box and large-scale disruption. He will go through three small case studies within the ecosystem: (a) Ad supported print centric publications driving to become subscription based premium content provider (b) Peer-to-Peer Scientific / Medical journals trying to adjust to a fast pace world and find its disrupter (c) startup disrupting news, networking and business partnerships in traditional hi-touch industry like real estate. He will also showcase his own “30YD” disruption framework that you can use in your next strategy meeting to push these disruption boundaries. Subrata conceived and delivered a huge transformation initiative to turn The Economist around from a traditional print centric business into a thriving digital first subscription business.

Presented by: Frank Gilbane, Subrata Mukherjee

K5: The Rise of AI in Marketing: IDC Shares What Every Marketer Should Know

Opening Keynotes – Wednesday 29 November
09:15 – 09:45

In 2017, the several dozen AI-enabled marketing applications will explode into the hundreds. And within a few short years, IDC says half of all companies will be using this new generation of computer intelligence. Digital marketers must experiment with this technology and build it into their roadmaps now. Dont be left behind! Cognitive marketing is a competitive imperative for all marketers this year. Join IDC digital marketing expert Gerry Murray to learn how cognitive marketing will be a game-changer for your business. In this session, he will teach you the fundamentals: What the heck is cognitive computing? What are the top 10 applications in marketing? How are content generation and content management applications affected? How should marketers get started?

Presented by: Frank Gilbane, Gerry Murray

P1: Digital Content Strategies for Now and the Future

Track P: Reimagining Digital Strategies for Publishing and Media – Wednesday 29 November 
10:30 – 11:30

Two critical components of digital transformation are a future-ready multichannel content management infrastructure, and the ability to track, measure, and predict the impact of published content across channels. The presentations are relevant to publishers, marketers, and all digital strategists.

Presented by: Bill Trippe

An inside look at the digital transformation of a world-leading Financial Services firm

Presented by: Steve Dock

Predictive Analytics for Social Momentum

Presented by: J. Bradford Kain

T5: Headless? De-coupled? Hybrid? Why? How?

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Wednesday 29 November 
10:30 – 11:30

Headless or de-coupled CMSs are more important than ever in today’s many-channel world. But all organizations have unique requirements and existing web and enterprise content management systems and workflows in place. This makes incorporating headless functionality complicated, to say the least. Business and customer experience requirements, technical difficulty, and costs, all need to be balanced. This session looks at the issues and includes an enlightening case study on a “mixed mode” approach presented by Capital One.

Presented by: Cathy McKnight

Adding a Head to Headless CMS

Presented by: David Monroe

The Emergence of Headless Digital Experience Platforms How the application of “design once/distribute anywhere” technology enables omnichannel customer engagement

Presented by: Petr Palas

C5: Customer Experience, Data, Personalization, and Brand Marketing

Track C: Content, Marketing, and Customer Experience – Wednesday 29 November 
10:30 – 11:30

Marketers have a lot to figure out these days. They need to navigate between decisions about how much to focus on personalization versus brand marketing, determine what data they need for each, and how it will be acquired, analyzed, and utilized, and decide which marketing technology components they need to choreograph to support their goals. And all the while they need to ensure they will be improving the customer experience. This session includes two presentations looking at the role of data in overall marketing strategy and customer experience.

Presented by: Phil Kemelor

The Marketers Dilemma: Data Activation

Presented by: Aaron Kechley

Supporting Todays Connected Consumer with the End-to-End Customer Journey

Presented by: Mark Smith

P2: News Engagement & Consumption

Track P: Reimagining Digital Strategies for Publishing and Media – Wednesday 29 November 
11:45 – 12:45

While a few large news organizations have succeeded in growing their digital subscription revenue despite the commodification of the most popular news items freely available, continued growth requires deeper engagement with readers. Just being more trustworthy is unfortunately not enough. In this session you’ll hear about an effort at The Guardian’s US Mobile Innovation Lab to test new ways to engage mobile news consumers, followed by a presentation on research on content consumption habits and trends.

Presented by: Bill Trippe

Measuring Success at the Edge of Digital Communication at The Guardian

Presented by: Lynette Chen

Content Consumption and Digital Subscription Trends in the Era of Fake News

Presented by: Peter Marsh

T6: Content That Keeps on Giving

Track T: Technologies for Content, Marketing, and Digital Experience – Wednesday 29 November 
11:45 – 12:45

The most valuable content can be expensive to create and organize but has a long life-cycle of return if properly maintained. Part of the required maintenance is ensuring it remains easy to find and takes advantage of new methods and technologies for accessing more topical and relevant content. The two presentations in this session will explain how you can protect, enhance, and ensure your content keeps on giving.

Presented by: Subrata Mukherjee

Topic Curation: Manual vs. Automated

Presented by: Michel Biezunski

How to Rototill Metadata to Lift the Visibility of Content

Presented by: Mark Gross

C6: Website Design Considerations

Track C: Content, Marketing, and Customer Experience – Wednesday 29 November 
11:45 – 12:45

Site design is a continuous process with occasional major redesigns. This session includes a presentation focused on a structured process for analyzing your digital presence, creating a plan that includes clear objectives matching marketing and business goals, and procedures for ongoing measurement. The second presentation addresses user experience considerations necessary for accessibility, and to ensure you’re reaching your full growth potential.

Presented by: Tim Bourgeois

How to get the most out of a site redesign – A digital analyst’s perspective

Presented by: Phil Kemelor

Opportunities rather than burdens: How to ensure millions of customers can engage with your content

Presented by: Peter McNally